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  • @Jorgen wow, strange. As @DrAzzy says, can you check that the data traces aren't shorted? Also, where you did the cut should be above the area of PCB that got scraped off by the Apple connector.

    The other thing to watch out for is whether the resonator (tin can) on the other end of the board has got damaged somehow. Maybe you were soldering to the 0.05" pins and accidentally shorted out to it? Without the crystal Espruino will still bravely soldier on and boot, but won't be able to get USB to work :)

    On these chips, the IOs (especially USB) are pretty heavy duty. It's quite hard to blow them up so I'd have thought we could find a way to get it going again.

    @DrAzzy yeah, I'll try and get it taken off the rev 1.4 then. It'd stop this happening in the future. Frustrating really - just because someone asks for it on KickStarter doesn't mean they're representative of real users :)


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