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  • I'd ohm it out to verify that no data lines are shorted to eachother or to ground/vcc... since it sounds like that was the cause of the problem. It can be incredibly hard to separate two traces, because the metal gets "smeared" along the cut.

    And yeah - I don't think many people are using the micro, because those surface mount micro connectors are crap. I don't know about anyone else, but I absolutely use the mini ones because I don't like the bulky extension connectors, and the average quality of extension cables seems to be terrible despite higher prices. 4 ohm resistance along a 1 meter cable's V+ line - and 3 of the 5 I had were like that (well, the other brand was 3.x). Most mini and micro cables are usable for their intended purpose for a while at least (I have a friend who's gone through two micro-USB connectors on her phone - I just ordered her second replacement - and has gone through dozens of micro usb cables. Micro-USB was supposed to have longer operation life, but I can't reconcile that with my experience nor hers - the mini connector seems much sturdier)


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