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  • Yes this is as well part of the problem. My close handlers are not getting called if the line starts with \r\n or \r or \n. See here:

    var handler = function(d) {
            var s;
            if(d === 'OK') {
              s = sckt;
              at.registerLine(s + ', CONNECT OK', function() {
                at.unregister(s + ', CONNECT OK');
                socks[s] = true;
              at.registerLine(s + ', CLOSED', function() {
                at.unregisterLine(s + ', CLOSED');
                socks[s] = undefined;
          at.cmd('AT+CIPSTART='+sckt+',"TCP",'+JSO­N.stringify(host)+','+port+'\r\n', 10000, handler);

    This unfortunately happens sometimes, for example a few seconds ago I had the situation:

    ] "\r\n1, CLOSED\r\n" <--- "\r\n1, CLOSED\r\n"

    The close handler has not been called here :(


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