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  • Hi Gordon... It is annoying... Again problems with GPRS. When the sim900 is ready for receiving data after AT+CIPSEND it sends:

    ] "\r\n> "

    When I use the following code:

    at.register('> ', function() {
      at.unregister('> ');
      return "";

    It removes the "> " from the AT buffer but leaves "\r\n" in it which can cause problems for subsequent requests (maybe for the +RECEIVE handler as well). I tried as well to register for "\r\n> ". That didn't solve that for me. How would you handle that? There are as well situations like

    ] "\r" <--- "\r"
    ] "\n> " <--- "\n> "


    ] "\r\n>" <--- "\r\n>"
    ] "> " <--- " "

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