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  • Ok, I'll update the module. Very interesting that a plug in device can
    crash the UI! :o

    Yes, indeed. OTH, it could do all kind of weird things. Have to look at the logs to see if someone complained.

    As you say, I doubt the clipping/offset is anything Pico-related - the
    data sent from the Pico obviously doesn't have anything done to it (it
    works fine on Linux), so I wonder whether your Macs have some kind of
    'calibration' that's applied?

    Probably. The irritating thing is, that I have no idea what and where. The other Macs work fine. The "less offset" things was due to a param change. I have just one strange Mac in the group :)

    Very strange about the keyboard example and the context menu - I
    actually tried that on a Mac and it worked great.

    Low sample count issue :)


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