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  • While I agree with some of your points, mainly that "it would be great if everything worked on web", but I don't think it will happen this way. It's more of a dream thing than reality. Let me share my thoughts on it.

    1. Mobile web usage is eating desktop web usage, it's a fact. Already. Which leads us to a thought: who will be defining the web experience: desktop or mobile. For me, the answer is pretty obvious.

    2. Mobile web user experience is very different from desktop. Starting from interactions to performance-related things (switching tabs, reloading). So, taking into account the statement above: mobile will define the web, ux will be different and of course mobile oriented. Not sure will it be browsers, we'll see. I believe that experience matters, but today ordering a taxi in a web browser is absolutely different from taking an Uber in a few touches in the app.

    3. Responsiveness, for me personally, is a myth. I even made my own user research (~60 respondents) and it shows that users clearly prefer full-version websites over those adapted for mobile. Why? Mainly because...they can't zoom! I know it's funny but it's a reality. Also, mobile versions obscure website's functionality (e.g "hamburger menus" - no one sees them/don't know what it is). If anyone can show me a really well done really mobile responsive website - please do so(rearranging the blocks doesn't count). The only exceptions are sites designed "mobile-first". BTW, we already see preparation phase for responsive mobile design. Just look at "flat" design, "material design" by google. I think it's a logic evolution for interfaces that should work across platforms, where accent is no longer on assets, but on code which define scaling, padding, coloring, etc.

    4. While I'm absolutely not excited about supporting variety of resolutions and platforms, :) it seems that this is the only one path today. Web is not even close to solve it. I hope that mobile will (finally) be able to render vector graphics and since then we will see fully responsive mobile design without worrying about resolutions.

    Again, these are my thoughts, and I bet on mobile :) definitely not web.


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