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  • Hi Pavel,

    Thanks for posting up - sorry to seem a bit negative... I think I'm worried because the protocol seems very specialised, which is great for very simple control of pin states but not so good for more complex stuff.

    But hey... most people do just want to turn stuff on and off from their phone (at least at first) so maybe you're actually on the right track.

    So how would you actually go about adding your own code and logic at the moment? Which device does it run on?

    Also, do you have a way to get the same UI on a web browser? Or do you have to have a phone with the app installed?

    It feels to me like at the moment you don't get much from using a phone app rather than a website, but hopefully that'll change when you add things like Bluetooth.

    I love the look of the Blynk app - the widgets are beautiful. From my point of view, if the designer and widgets were all a website it would be much more exiting. If I could buy a magic box that I could plug into my network, design UIs on, and then use to communicate with all my devices (maybe over other non-wifi radios) from PC/Mac/iOS/Android without an app it'd be perfect (for me :) ).


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