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  • Hello, I really need help on this. I have an HC-05 and An HC-06. I can pair them with my Mac., On the Mac's bluetooth preference, it shows connected. However, the connection doesn't last long. Fir the HC-06, it lasts about 30 seconds, for the HC-06, it lasts about 60 seconds , the in the bluetooth preference, shows "Not Connected. " I heard that this is a common problem on OS X,
    But when I do a search, there is hardly any solution. Please help if you have one.

    I have tried it on OS X Yosemite and OS X Lion. At the time of testing, the only wires that are connected to the HC-05 or the HC-06 are the Vcc and GND, I also tried 5V and 3.3 V from the Arduino. No Rx or Tx are connected.

    Thank you.


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