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  • Shniny UI - click me to see me alive, what about this? ...adding something to the wheel helps a lot.

    Copy below code - or - get it from attached link, save it to your disk as .html, open it in your browser. It works even from file:// protocol. Modify it to display your Espruino captured sonsor data.

    <title>Shiny UI</title>
    <script src="­s/dojo/1.10.4/dojo/dojo.js"
            data-dojo-config="async: true, parseOnLoad: false"
    	[ "dojo/_base/kernel"
    	, "dojo/dom"
    	, "dojo/parser"
    	, "dijit/registry"
    	, "dojox/dgauges/components/default/Circul­arLinearGauge"
    	var gauge = registry.byId("gauge"), date, value;
    	setInterval(function(){ value = (new Date().getSeconds() * 10);
    			value = (Math.floor(value / 60) % 2)
    				? 60 - (value % 30)
    				: value % 30;
    			gauge.set("value",24 + value);
    <table><tr><th>Shiny UI<br>Temperature with
    	<a href="­uide/1.10/dojox/dgauges.html"
    		>dojo Gauges</a></th></tr><tr><td>
    <div    id = "gauge"
            value="32" minimum="-50" maximum="150"
            style="width:15em; height:15em"
            interactionArea="none" animationDuration=500

    Key in above code are lines 29..34 which declaratively - with plain html - get this gauge defined. But there are also ways to defines gauges programmatically.

    Replace lines 16..21 with some push/pull mechanism to get some real data involved.

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