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  • I'm Mike from ThingStudio, and I'd just thought I'd weigh in with our view of how to do IoT UI's

    -We've opted for MQTT as a first transport (which is already in place, btw), as it seems to have the most traction and the correct symantics for IoT.

    -This also means that we aren't in the business of creating special libraries for every platform out there.

    -We also decided on JSON payloads for MQTT, as this gives us the ability to send and recieve objects in a single message, and display them simply in the UI.

    -We also opted for HMTL5 as the best fully cross-platform UI tool. Mobile is really, really important, but I also need to be able to make 'Mission Control'.

    -Being able to share and publish apps is important. We do that to some extent already, but we will have fully shareable webapps shortly.

    -Unlike, say, freeboard, we can work with or without an intermediate logic layer, such as node red.

    -We are currenly deficient in pre-styled widgets, and we are working hard on that. However, you can already create ANY widget of your own with just some simple HTML. We believe that while it should be easy for you to get up and running quickly with professional looking widgets, you should be able to create your own widgets, which is why we started there.

    -We think you should be able to control and monitor multiple devices on one screen, or have many people view on device. This is inherent in MQTT, but just saying...

    Security and privacy are important, so we don't, and can't see your data, that is run on a websocket between your MQTT broker and your browser.

    That's about it, if you like what we say, go kick the tires,, we are still in Alpha, but working hard...



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