• Okay the top HES is the door HES and is C6. The right HES is C7 and is for the belt.

    The scenario is for my senior engineering class. My partner and I decided to try to prevent child (aged 1-4) heatstroke deaths. We came up with a setup that has an HES on the door and one on the belt of a car seat. The scale would be on the place where the child would sit. The scale (how we would have it) would output the weight of the child to the board so we could use it, but we couldn't find a way to integrate it that way do we opted for a signal that would come from the scale Lcd when the weight was above the minimum value(the scale shown turns on the lcd above a minimum weight). That wasn't the case. The child would be placed in the safety seat which would add weight to the scale and then the belt would be buckled together which would activate the belt HES. When the driver opens the speaker should sound for five seconds and be org for five seconds until the belt is unbuckled and the child removed from the safety seat. Closing that door should not turn off the speaker.

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