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    New updates:
    I have no idea whether the weight sensor (scale LCD hack setup) can be used because the value always switches from 1 to 0 at random without any weight put on the scale
    Switched the scale output to C4 or C5 to implement the ADC to see if I'd get a different value (the value still just goes from like 0.864 to .5something to .28something to 0 at random)
    The Hall Effect sensors I have are the kind that switch on, meaning (so far as I understand) they have to place the one pole near it to activate it, remove that pole, and then place it near again to deactivate it.


    Is the event - A) 'door just closed', or - B) 'door just opened'?

    The one HES (Hall Effect Sensor) is on a door that is (what I wanted it to do) just opened. The code with it though needs to reflect the switch aspect of the HES. Did I also mention that this HES is the sensor on C6?

    You also have a crossed-out timer. What was the original purpose of it?

    The original purpose of the timer was to have the program check if the scale and belt HES were both on and then sound the speaker for a certain amount of time until the scale and belt HES went off no matter the reading of the door HES and then somehow be able to repeat this (scale would output and then belt HES would activate and then wait for door to open). Also with that little note, I realized that someone would have to open the door after those two activated, and I need it to go off only after the person is getting out of the car (so opening the door after setting up the sensors but ignoring that door opening until the person gets out) . Anyways, the timer now would just be used for timing the time the speaker is on and then off.

    I will upload the picture in another post as well as a better description.

    Hopefully that helps answer some things. Thanks!


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