• Just came across the intel compute stick - HDMI stick - not USB stick. I do not know what it does when just powered but not 'hosted' by a HDMI display device (TV). If it can auto-boot and connect wifi/bluetooth, may be remote desktop could work. What it is for sure missing: no wholes or headers to connect other hardware. An Espruino (PICO) as Beach Head plugged to the standard USB solves this issue (the other - micro - USB is then still free to get powered). Otherwise pretty 'impressive'... also the power consumption/requirement: 4 times what a standard USB can deliver at max: 2A = 4 x 500mA (some tech details). I like the Ubuntu version...

    And f0r very little - street $130, you get your Espruino development environment 'piggy backing' the investment of your TV... which you may already have anyway: IView's Cyber PC - comes with the stick, keyboard, and power supply... (great review).

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