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  • @allObjects the Web IDE stuff is great, but what I was after here is something that can be served directly off of the Espruino, over the net. Also really i'd like to have some things that look really professional - it makes a big difference to what people thing about a project when they interact with it.

    Maybe some of those UI parts that you've shown there could be moved over and served right off the Espruino though?

    any plans for Web sockets support for both Http & MQTT?

    Well, there's socket support, so you could write Web Sockets on top of that if you needed to. I don't have plans to implement it inside Espruino right now though...

    Also, there's MQTT over raw sockets already, so that might do you?

    @DrAzzy - The WIZnet module shouldn't need capacitors or anything...

    @JackJamesHoward it could be that your network isn't in the 192.168.1.X range, so even though the WIZnet module is working, you can't connect to it?

    You should be able to run eth.setIP() which will make it do a DHCP request and set up its IP address to something that your router gives it. You'll have to run eth.getIP() again to find out the new IP address though.


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