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  • @JumJum and @allObjects work on a monitoring plug-in - actually enhancements to the current testing plug-in - which gives you these functions (Status: testing and documenting. A much simpler version is already part of the existing WebIDE). @JumJum has even a way to define user specified 'gauges' to display what ever Espruino pulls from sensors...

    Currently, it works in 'tethered' (to WebIDE) mode only, but it would be easy to extend to use other connectivity, and independent of the WebIDE (WebIDE is a Web app - htmtl5/css/js - running as plug-in in Chrome Web Broswer/Chromium).

    In general, I was thinking that something like a 'graphical' monitor should be available that gives a graphic UI to Espruino - but does not drag it down. Espruino would deliver only raw values and the monitor has the ability to use (user definable) post-processing plug-ins to feed (provided and user definable) gauges. The displays / gauges and control buttons can already now overlay (backround) image. With a user definable background image, there is no limit how nice control panels can look like. Buttons/actions that are defined as variable-value-setters and functrions-with-parameters ask the user for input in pop-ups (The diamons/squares in the image view are handles to place/edit the items in the image view in edit mode).

    • - - All without coding, but extensible with what ever you'd like to code...

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