• I've seen your conversation about Promise. For me it was missing the support of re-try options, that's why I went on my own - and I did not need (so far) the other stuff - which of course my solution is missing: the next or goto. Sequencing I can make after a sync point with (the first) 'parallels' and then venture into the next ones the same way as I did into the very first one. I used a pattern I got known to in 86 when working on TANDEM NonStop Systems(R) - now server division of HP - and worked on code generators to take advantage of fault tolerance and parallel execution. Tandem was not a hardware based fault tolerance - like [IBM S/88'(http://domino.research.ibm.com/tchjr/jou­rnalindex.nsf/600cc5649e2871db8525681500­60213c/cfc96f12d1fb70c385256bfa00685bd8!­OpenDocument) and many others were/are - but more so on a software fault tolerance that allowed sync points in the application and not only in the system software (or hardwired in hardware / on the board).


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