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  • Hi,

    It's going ok - there have been some issues getting the pinned versions of the boards out of the panels though, so I'm getting them much more slowly than the unpinned ones. I've still got around 1000 boards here and we've been making up kits ready to send out.

    The Royal Mail account for postage should be up and running early next week, and when that is done I'll be able to start sending them out (roughly in the order that people backed on KickStarter).

    I'll try and send an e-mail when the items are shipped - whether that contains a tracking number or not depends on whether I can get the tracking number off Royal Mail in a digital format. Also the less valuable packages won't be sent tracked. It's more trouble than it's worth, as many lost/returned packages last time seem to be because the postman couldn't get a signature and took it back to the post office where it wasn't collected.

    Postage to the US should take just over a week I reckon, so you're still well on track to get the boards in April.


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