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  • @allObjects I think it's going to be extremely rare there are any issues - no board I have tested yet has had any. The bare PCBs are tested for shorts by the manufacturer, and the AOI (automatic visual inspection) will notice any solder bridges. On top of the Jaltek are actually xRaying random STM32s in the batch to check there are no solder bridges under the chip.

    Using the castellations is an interesting idea - although to check for shorts I don't need them at all - literally just 5 wires - gnd, power, USBx2, and BOOT0. BOOT0 is a pain because it's a relatively small area to make contact on (you can see the gold teardrop shape in the picture above).

    @d0773d No, there's no refund or anything. Jaltek will rework any assembly issues, but if the board is broken I just have to write it off. I'm getting around 500 more boards manufactured than I need anyway, so hopefully the yields won't be that bad!

    @user51876 Unfortunately I do have to pre-program every board with Espruino, so each one still has to get connected up - while I'm doing that I might as well run the tests :) I'm not sure if it's possible to connect all the DPs and DMs together - I've just been putting them into a USB hub, but yes - I can flash multiple boards at once. If I could actually connect to all 30 boards on the panel at once I should be able to do them all in one go, but right now I'm sticking with just 3 at a time for the automated tester :)


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