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  • and can then check every pin for shorts itself (using the built-in pullups and pulldowns).

    Very interesting... if this is one of the most common issues, this may be good for the 80/20 rule... (but I don't know the test error profile...) and 80 is not good enough to be called 'quality' and the numbers are too low to do a random sample testing.

    I'm sure Jaltek has means to say how 'perfect' the 'empty' boards (the panels) are before they move on and place / solder the components...

    Since there are now castellations in place, could there not be a different way of testing? a type of socket like in an RJE socket? The positioning is then not that difficult... it is almost self-positioning... On the other hand, for zero-force 'insertion', it would need more mechanics than a plate with pogo-pins requires...

    How many (additional) test points are beyond the castellations?


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