• Hey, I'm working on a little project to integrate the Espruino a bit more tightly into common NodeJS toolchains.

    First, I'm repackaging the modules into something NodeJS can understand. That's underway here (master branch only).

    I have another project, Spire, which is, at first glance, another one of those "command-line" tools to upload scripts. But, beneath the surface, there's a Duplex stream--theoretically you should be able to consume it as you would any other writable or readable stream. Its current implementation communicates via a serial port and STDOUT, but I would like to create an abstraction layer over this, so you can simply stream data to/from the Espruino via NodeJS. For example, you could set the Espruino to serve real-time data over a socket, then use NodeJS to pipe it into a database, file, or web app. There are other ways to accomplish this sort of thing, of course, but when dealing with large amounts of data, streams allow you to avoid memory consumption--this is especially important if you wish to send large amounts of data to the Espruino.

    Anyway, I'm mostly just playing with ideas at this point, but I'm wondering if anyone has any input or would be interested in the outcome.

    I think the Web IDE could benefit from using a communication interface such as this--and as-of-yet unwritten apps that people may wish to build on top of it.


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