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  • Going to make up the addressable LED project for controllable lighting in my living room, I've bought a string of 50 LEDs (bright enough for a 3.5x3.5m room?) but I'm looking for a suitable power supply.

    Looking at the math a 2A power supply should be ok, but I'd prefer a bit of headroom (plus if lights aren't bright enough I'll double numbers and reduce spacing). I've come across this on amazon and wondering if it would be suitable?­eplacement-Supply-Adapter/dp/B008FZ4DZ0/­ref=pd_bxgy_ce_text_y

    Open to other suggestions too.

    Planning on doing standard brightness/colour ideas with changing patterns but also thinking of hooking it up to a browser with webaudio and projecting a spectrum analyser type pattern on the wall. If I get there/am successful I'll post the code.

    Thanks for any help, Lloyd.


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