• Hmm. I thought someone else on here had actually started playing with theirs. Maybe not though?

    @Gordon Yup, done in eagle. I'll contribute the schematic and board files, though I think all that'll be useful is the footprint of the RFM69 - there's not much to it other than that, frankly! I put the button on there to manually reset it while I'm writing the driver (not sure if I'll need that)... and because I bought 100 of those buttons, but I couldn't quite fit them all into the vial, so I was looking for excuses to use a few.

    @LawrenceG Nope, it's just half ounce copper (single side) on white FR-4 ( via toner transfer process - notes here http://drazzy.com/e/boards/ ). I don't like it, because it's white - and hence opaque, so you can't see etch progress from the other side, nor does holding it up to the light to check for shorts or broken traces work very well - plus rosin stands out against the white background. When i restock on 1/2 oz copper, I'll get something different, but uh, I've got a lot to work through.

    I have yet to see conductive ink that isn't either mind-bogglingly expensive, or utter garbage (cough)bare(cough).


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