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  • The new AT24/25 modules will fix the slow writes problem on FRAM - just pass 0 as the page size. I just (now) fixed a problem with FRAM writes in the new modules that I introduced last night, they're up on my github nowĀ­ocs/tree/master/devices

    Don't use the old AT25 modules with your FRAM, write performance will suck :-P

    The idea of SPI DMA is interesting - I didn't realize that the STM32 chips supported it until I saw how the TV display code was done. I wonder how much it would buy us in terms of performance? Since I use a B&W LCD at 64x128 px, I don't have as much of a problem getting the data to it.

    ... I just had an idea (not necessarily a good one) - say you stored the entire blob of data to send to the display in the FRAM. Connect SO of FRAM to SI of display, with tristate buffer in the middle, then you could send the address, open the tristate buffer and assert screen's CS, and then read the command from EEPROM back straight into the display.


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