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  • For the new eeprom modules (requires recent v72 and the new eeprom modules)

    function getList() {
    	var count=0;
    	var map={};
    	for (var i=0;i<maxid;i++) {
    		if (b[2]!=255) { //if b[2]==255, length ~= 64K, which is clearly not valid data. 
    			var a=b[1]+(b[0]<<8);
    			var l=b[3]+(b[2]<<8);
    			console.log(i+". 0x"+a.toString(16)+" "+l+" bytes."); 
    	console.log("Scan complete "+ count+ " functions in index"); 
    	return map;
    //getFunction(id) will return a string containing the code for that function, assuming it exists. 
    function getFunction(id) {
    	if (x[2]!=255) {return E.toString([1]+(x[0]<<8)),(x[­3]+(x[2]<<8))));}
    //isSafe(address, length, map) takes a 'map' object (as returned by getList()), and returns 1 if a function of specified length can be placed in the specified address without overwriting something. 
    //If it fails, print the ID of the function that it's got a problem with. 
    function isSafe(adr,len,map) {
    	var max=len+adr;
    	for (var i=0;i<maxid;i++) {
    		if (map[i]!=undefined) {
    			var a=map[i][0];
    			var l=map[i][1];
    			if (((a < adr)&&(a+l > adr))||((a > adr)&&(a < max))) {
    				console.log("Conflict on function "+i);
    				return 0;
    	return 1;
    //addFunction(id, address, function) - This creates a new entry for a function of 'id', located at 'address' in the function index, and writes that and the function (supplied as a string) to the rom, provided that that can be done without overwriting another function.
    function addFunction(id,adr,str) {
    	console.log("Adding function of length "+str.length+" at address "+adr+" with ID: "+id);
    	if (isSafe(adr,str.length,getList())) {
    	} else {
    		console.log("Selected location would overlap with other function!");
    //deleteFunction(id) deletes the function with that ID from the function index. 
    function deleteFunction(id) {
    	console.log("deleting function: " + id);
    //cleanup - remove all the stuff related to this.
    function cleanup() {
      delete getFunction;
      delete isSafe;
      delete deleteFunction;
      delete getList;
      delete addFunction;
      delete maxid;
      delete getFunction;
      delete ftst;
      delete cleanup;
    'maxid=255;ftst=1024;function addFunction(a,d,b){console.log("Adding function of length "+b.length+" at address "+d+" with ID: "+a);isSafe(d,b.length,getList())?(rom.w­rite(d,b),rom.write(ftst+4*a,E.toString(­d>>8,d&255,b.length>>8,b.length&255))):c­onsole.log("Selected location would overlap with other function!")}function deleteFunction(a){console.log("deleting function: "+a);rom.write(ftst+4*a,"ÿÿÿÿ")}function­ getList(){for(var a=0,d={},b=0;b<maxid;b++){var*b,4);if(255!=c[2]){a++­;var e=c[1]+(c[0]<<8),c=c[3]+(c[2]<<8);d[b]=[­e,c];console.log(b+". 0x"+e.toString(16)+" "+c+" bytes.")}}console.log("Scan complete "+a+" functions in index");return d}function getFunction(a){*a,4);if­(255!=a[2])return E.toString([1]+(a[0]<<8),a[3]+­(a[2]<<8)))}function isSafe(a,d,b){d+=a;for(var c=0;c<maxid;c++)if(void 0!=b[c]){var e=b[c][0],f=b[c][1];if(e<a&&e+f>a||e>a&&­e<d)return console.log("Conflict on function "+c),0}return 1}function cleanup(){delete getFunction;delete isSafe;delete deleteFunction;delete getList;delete addFunction;delete maxid;delete getFunction;delete ftst;delete cleanup};'

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