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  • Hm, okay, i guess that's good, though I'd have been happier if tons of people were using it so we had a big concern over backwards compatibility.

    I guess it stays AT24 then?
    24-series? xx24? Blah!

    Anyway - AT24 (I guess it'll stay AT24/25? I don't know! the I2C one) is done, and tested with 4kbit FRAM, 1kbit, and 16 kbit normal eeproms, plus the 512 kbit ones. Unfortunately the desk lamp is on the fritz again, so I had to make a new board, and it wound up being a real pain - but I put one of those FRAM chips on it for the temp/rh history buffer (last 24 hrs every 30 mins) and the presets. If that hadn't intervened, I'd have the AT25 tested and documented too.


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