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  • Well, I wouldn't be too worried about the backwards-compatibility. I just checked about those 2 modules and they haven't been used that much at all so far - in fact most of the uses so far could have been from you?

    It's difficult - personally I think going by part numbers is good. Stuff like SPI_EEPROM is fine when there's just one type, but I'm sure there are already a few obscure ones out there that have a different protocol and we don't want it confusing people - and we definitely don't want SPI_EEPROM2 and SPI_EEPROM3 modules :)

    I guess I'd try and get an idea of either the first chip with that protocol, or the most popular one, and use that. You can still have all the part numbers in the .md file's title (which will appear everywhere it's linked), and as keywords, so it should be pretty obvious that people can use the other parts.

    Any other ideas though?


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