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  • That's good to know about the minifier!

    Yeah. The pages were ugly. No reason for users to have to deal with that. writel is gone, and you no longer need to align writes with pages - the only thing you need to know about pages is the size of them when you call connect().

    Ya - and if they go into a new module, we could afford to have more of them, like for 16 bit numbers and stuff.

    Re: I2C returning Uint8Array - I had asked for a way to make I2C return data in a more memory-efficient way, and you had concerns because some of the array methods didn't work on typed arrays. I would support making I2C.readFrom() return Uint8Array, and if they need an array, just convert it to a simple array? (I assume there's a simple way to do this - I don't recall ever wanting to do that)


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