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  • Could we have commented errorchecking ?
    If this could be switched on/off in WebIDE, hmmm.
    Ok, sometimes I should sleep a night before posting.

  • You mean have the errors be turned on/off in the IDE?

    I cannot describe how much I would like to have some sort of preprocessor in the IDE that would let you do #define and #ifdef , and have that handled by the webide before it sends the code. Then you could just #define debug, and send the code and get error checking. But that's an IDE feature that doesn't exist (yet), so it's outside the scope of this topic.

    I've got AT24 converted to just read(add,bytes,asStr) and write(add,data), and cut 500 bytes from pre-minified code size, will try it out later tonight and see if it works correctly. If it does, converting AT25 should be a cinch.


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