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  • Cool, thanks - that gives me an idea how to talk to it. OW is so weird.

    I intend to write a module for the DS2431/33/28EC20 (the 20kbit one) this weekend, since I'm already in the process of overhauling the AT24 and AT25 modules for general streamlining and to support a wider range of parts. I can get sizes up to 2mbit supported pretty easy on AT24 (bringing it to 32-2048 kbit, with a second module for the smaller sizes being easy), and I think I can get support for all sizes on AT25 (no lower bound). Adding support for FRAM should be trivial.

    I'm honestly inclined to get rid of separate documentation for the AT24,AT25,DSxx, and instead replace it with one big "" which would describe the common interface provided by all the eeprom modules, list and link to said modules, and list considerations specific to each type of EEPROM. What do you think?


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