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  • FRAM

    As @DrAzzy says, that'd be another module. The reason I want to support these EEPROMs is that (while expensive) they're fantastically simple to wire up - needing only 2 wires connected to any 2 pins.

    I'd like to make all the EEPROM modules behave as close to identically

    Yes, that'd be great. Ideally just read/write/getMemorySize - I guess it'd be better if we could stick with strings or arrays rather than having to implement both every time? I guess strings are probably easiest from the point of view of executing code?

    I guess if I made E.asString and E.asArrayBuffer it would really help matters?

    At some point in the future I could make a 'fake eeprom' that did the same via inbuilt flash memory too.

    Perhaps then the filesystem you'd posted up earlier could be a module that worked on top of any EEPROM?


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