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  • Oh, no, I'm not trying to make a file system or anything - this is just a system to store snippets of code on eeprom, and run them from there (as a way of saving precious espruino memory)

    The modules I'm referring to are the AT24 and AT25 modules, which provide the basics of interacting with those - read as bytes or string, write as bytes or string. Counting the FRAM modules, we've got 4 options for chips that do essentially the same thing (byte-addressed non-volatile storage). I figure the modules for these all ought to behave the same way, to minimize confusion.

    FRAM's lack of delay on writing, and unlimited write cycles do open up some new possibilities, although it's hard to wear out EEPROMs in realistic lengths of time, unless you're writing almost constantly - 100k writes is still a lot of writes...

    What chips are you using, anyway?


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