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  • The hardware I will be using is.

    How I control this I am still trying to decide hehe. I have ordered one of these.­trix_display_driver_plt-2001.html

    And raspberry pi­l-a-plus/

    I also have a few stmf4 dev boards lying around hehe.

    My three routes at the moment are run this javascript (converted version) in node js on a raspberry pi with a node i2c module and stream the data to the dmd controller board and have that take care of the dmd updates. (I will either modify or rewite the current firmware to use the i2c on the dmd board as im not 100% its supported yet)

    Or get it running on a espruino board (will buy one once I can confirm i can run some form of this code on one hehe) and then stream the data again using i2c to dmd board

    Or (I have experience with the stmf4) just write the code again from scratch in .c and bitbang the dmd my self.

    I would like to use my javascript though as a few people around the office like using this project and I would like to continue to add features to it and then be able to create a version I can port to my hardware dmd.

    I have little knowledge of node js I have wrote a few little scripts for it.
    My language are as2/3,php,javascript and .c

    If I am understanding you correct I can leave my project the way it is and use require js to load in the extra files and then override the canvas methods with my own custom byte arrays?

    I am currently 30% to converting the javascript canvas with my own byte array one so I think I will continue and finish this hehe. Least it removes the whole html canvas dom problem.

    Once that is complete I will be left with a project that has multiple files that will need to be loaded onto the espruino. How much ram does it have because my code does create quite a few little temporary canvas one being (2000*9*2)/8 large will this work at run time?

  • JavaScript has typed arrays / buffers that allow a very compact usage of the memory. I guess it could work... but I would rather use the display controller's memory and just ship commands and other stuff over there. So every canvas operation would just pass on the command to the controller and the controller actually creates then the bit stuff for fonts, etc... I need more understanding... Btw, could you also 'publish' the php file that serves the ajax call?


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