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  • Yes, bumping the UART seems easier. The STM32 will do at least 4mbps I think. Hopefully more than enough for the controller.

    Just to add, if you're using Espruino the speed of JS execution isn't anywhere near as good as C. Using the built-in font code is likely to be 100x faster than writing your own.

    If you wanted the code to work the same it'd be pretty easy to just write something like:

    if (!g.drawString) {
     g.drawString = function(text,x,y) {
       // your original code in here

    Love the pinball display by the way - very cool.

    Doing everything in Espruino with hardware IRQs is definitely an option though. I'd be interested in helping out however I can - it'd be a huge help to be able to do that kind of real-time scanning, if only for all the charlieplexed stuff that's out there now.


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