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  • It comes with full source code. So at the very worst I will just add in the i2c part my self. Or maybe up the uart? How fast can PIC uart hardware go? Like you said would also need to add some way of sending raw pixel data as well. So Cant really use this project out the box but I think it will still save me a lot of work even if I just wrote the firmware from scratch!

    Unless I can get the dot matrix driver code hardware timer interrupt driven on Pi or Espruino it will be jumpy I think.

    Maybe writing a small c class that runs the dot matrix display with hardware timers on the Espruino might be the way forward? and send it the frame data from the javascript

    This was one of my other projects

    It used very similar hardware to yours the STMF4 which is a powerful arm chip and when running the display just off software delays with the usb running as well the display was jumpy. I had to put the display update in a hardware timer driven routine to force it having priority and this solved the problem. Hopefully would be the same with the Espruino.

    Least I got a few routes to go down :)
    Basically a mixture of using Rasp Pi by its self or with the DMD controller board.
    or Espruino by its self or with the DMD controller board.


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