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  • Yes, 115kbps does seem a bit slow for a nice animation.

    However on the datasheet for the controller I see no mention of I2c (apart from a note saying it might be added later). By far the easiest thing to do would be to just increase the serial baud rate to 2M baud and then you're sorted.

    However now I'm on the datasheet I don't see a way to send raw bitmap data to the controller either - so you may be out of luck there too.

    It might be better to just use WiringPi on node.js on the Raspberry Pi to bit-bash the data directly to the LEDs (without the controller). It's worth a try - it may just work without being too glitchy.

    Otherwise you could try a similar thing with the Espruino board - the more I look at the Embedded adventures one the less convinced I am.


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