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  • Yes, that should work - those are more or less the same, although drawImage may not be able to take 'graphics' as an argument. See for some examples. I'd really suggest you use the built-in custom font stuff though - it'll make your life so much easier.

    I'm not sure anyone's written any interface code to link the driver board to Espruino, but it should be pretty simple to do.

    Espruino can run on the Pi, yes - although there's no I2C support in it yet. I have to focus on the Espruino board which people actually pay me for, so I'm kind of reliant on others to contribute code for other boards - and there are only a handful of people that do unfortunately.

    There is serial port support though, which in many ways is better as it's totally asynchronous.

    There's also node.js on the Pi - although I'm not sure what the situation with the Canvas is - I guess there must be something.


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