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  • Just a personal project using the network rail LDB api. I take the train from bristol to reading every day for work so its nice just to see what the next trains I can take are / delays / cancellations etc..

    My canvas only uses fillRect (just to draw a 1x1 pixel and drawImage (to copy different canvas's around) Is all this supported?

    I think I will use that dot matrix driver board to drive the displays as all the code has been written and I can just plug the displays directly into it. Will save me a lot of time and effort hehe. (so will not need to write any dot matrix driver stuff my self hehe)

    I read in another thread of yours we can run espruino on a rasp pi? I have one of the new A Plus models so was thinking run my little app on that and have it talking i2c to the dot matrix driver board. This way the rasp pi can take care of the networking and js canvas side and the dot matrix can take care of the display updates.


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