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  • Basically I have written this live train departure board in js using the canvas.­&dest=BPW

    I want to know display this data on a real dot matrix (the ones i linked to)
    I think I will get that little driver board as it will save me time and pain :D

    I was under the impression espruino would be able to basically run this code standalone but instead of seeing it on a html page i will just copy the canvas pixel and convert to byte array and send them to the dot matrix driver board. (when animating it runs at around 24fps and the scroll is 12fps)

    Once done it should not be connected to a pc. It should run 100% standalone and get its data using wireless and then send the data to the dot matrix driver board.

    I wrote this project is js because i like using the canvas for graphical projects its easy to set pixels and so on. Maybe i should of just wrote it in .c and made a byte canvas and but then I would need to implement all the (comes for free with js) canvas methods like drawing and buffers and so on.

    Also there is no font rendering going on that font is a custom (exact map of network rail font) but stored as my own format and i decode and draw it my self. Its not using canvas text.

    Another quick question :)
    Can we mix .c code and javascript? I know from above conversation calling asm is possible but can i write half this project in .c and have that running on the stm and then make calls to this from the javascript?


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