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  • I think there's a problem with the new Pico layout - it involves the 0.05" pins....

    In the pictures, I see the two rows of 0.05" at right angles to eachother - this will be made up of 2 pieces of pin header. Looking at my 0.05" pin header, the black plastic is 0.0940" wide, while there is a 0.035" gap between each pin. That means the black plastic is completely covering the place where the closest pin in the other row needs to be. This seems to be a problem with all the 0.05" pin headers I have - the male TH has width of 0.94", female TH 0.71", male SMT 0.825" In order to be able to place the headers like that, they'd need to be no greater than the pitch of the pins in width - which isn't the case.


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