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  • Yup 4 lines which are 2 clocks and 2 data out lines which 2 SPI interfaces would cover? Can I not use the 2 SPI interfaces on this board at the same time?

    I have used hardware SPI to clock out dot matrix data in the past it works well :)

    I looked at Raspberry Pi But they only have 1 SPI I really need 2.

    I have no problem writing the core display update code in asm as long as its interrupt driven.

    I miss read the datasheet your right it is 1 clock and 4 actual data lines 2 colours but on 2 rows! Ah crap.

    I can offload the display update work to this board­trix_display_driver_plt-2001.html

    I am hoping the i2c interface is supported on it though as I don't think uart will be quick enough to send all the pixel data. This is also open source so I can edit it to support i2c if not supported (They have a i2c header)


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