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  • I've just taken a look at the datasheet, and it looks like you'll have trouble using SPI. You need 4 data lines to change at the same time, so about your only choice is bit-banged IO.

    As of the very latest version 1v72, Espruino can run code in an interrupt, as long as it's written using the inline assembler, so it would be possible to get a very steady high-speed update out of it - as well as using WiFi and drawing graphics.

    I could provide some example code for that if needed. I have a side-project that would allow you to 'compile' JS code and run that in an interrupt, but that is probably still too far off being useful at the moment.

    Having said all that, it is a bit of a faff. And while you could get the update speed high enough, the animations would still pause a little when you did an HTTP request.

    You might find that you can get good enough using node.js with the WiringPi wrapper on a Raspberry Pi. If you can get the updates smooth enough then the multi-tasking on it would really help you out.


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