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  • I have a little program written in javascript that displays information on a 192x32 pixel canvas. It also requests data from a php file on my server every min (So I will need WiFi, as I need the project to run standalone once complete).

    Second part of this project is to display the javascript canvas on a real dot matrix display (I only use 3 colours) I am going to use three of these displays.­trix_display_LDP-6432.html

    To drive these displays you need some IO but for the data lines (x2) I want to use SPI to get the data out fast as possible. So I will need x2 SPI ports (Which are available) And I would like to use a UART based WiFi (As I need both SPI).

    From experience I know driving dot matrix displays which need constant scanning to keep the image updated. You need a dedicated process to do this preferable running off a hardware interrupt timer so this process gets priority and the display will not freeze or look stuttery.

    Does the js have access to these timers? Or can I write this part of the code in .c and send frame data to it from the js?

    How fast is the SPI? same specs as the STM chip?

    I have already written the project in javascript so would like to keep it in js. Any thoughts on if it would be possible to run it on this board. It needs to update the dot matrix at least 24fps.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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