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  • There's actually Micro and Mini USB now. I thought if I was going to have to cover up the pads then I might as well put on everything I could.

    An SMD-able board had been suggested - but it's a long way off I'm afraid. Long term I'd like to make one SMD board that I could produce in volume and then fit to any other board that I sell. But as @DrAzzy says, it should be trivial to take the designs when they're released, and then to remove the pins and put something else on.

    Having said that, the Pico should be pretty good for small scale commercial use. That was the idea. I'll try and produce an eagle library for it, so it should be trivial to make a board that it will connect to.

    Personally I think that for small-scale manufacture, through-hole is probably still the way to go. If you've got a reflow oven, solder mask, and a good PCB then you might as well just make your own PCB with an STM32 on it.


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