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  • "The problem is that the screen only really refreshes at max 60Hz, so it would be very slow to transfer data."

    I can see that :)
    I totally accepted that for a day. Wouldn't be the end of the world just tape the pico to the screen provided it was reliable - but another thought hit me too (ignoring the fact that the board is incredibly tightly packed already and may have all available i/o pins utilized). It is just such a fundamental way people can so easily interact with the board right out of the box in a way that they can simply manipulate and reliably validate. Kind of a shared basic sense. Just a consideration of which I'm sure are bombarded with. Might make a good automated production test too.­/HSDL-5420%23011/160-1918-6-ND/3711429

    Disclaimer I don't work for digikey or liteon and the pico is brilliantly cool non the less.


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