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  • Thanks! £64.5k now with 13 hours left!

    I have no idea what people will order after the KickStarter, but there's a small possibility that with those orders we might even hit the £75k stretch goal!

    The crystal through-holes are on my list - I'm not 100% sure, but if I can get a bigger 32k crystal in there the price of it may drop enough that I can fit them to all boards and you won't need the holes.

    Male 1.27 on plugin boards would be ideal, because then you get the option of soldering them straight on - saving a bit of money and potentially meaning that you can fit the boards a bit closer together.

    I'll try and get extra peripherals on the board, but apart from I2C it's not vital. I will probably add software USART soon (we already have SPI) so while it's not ideal, you'd be able to use whatever pins you wanted.


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