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  • I can confirm this also works for the STM32f411RE! the 411 has 100mhz and 128 kb sram, so it is a bit more powerful. Making a few changes would be better, but the stm32f401re.bin file does work with the slightly more powerful 411 MCU. The st link software is not as happy when programming; it disconnects and sends an error after. But it does work, and connects to the IDE with no problems. So I am happy! Thanks asez73!

  • Hi ac413,

    So it worth to note that you should rebuild the .bin from the github deposit.

    I changed a few lines that makes it work very correctly now for the Nucleo-401RE.

    If you can test, I will push to my github the required files for the NucleoF411RE.
    The flash size and pinout of those Nucleo-F4x1RE boards are exactly the same.
    It is just a matter of memory sizes and frequencies of processor, so I think it won't break anything.

    To build your own .bin you need to launch a terminal from ubuntu and type:

     # change to your local git cloned directory
    cd ~/Espruino
     # make the expruino firmware
    NUCLEOF411RE=1 make
     # flash it to the Nucleo board
    cp espruino_*_nucleof411re.bin /media/your user/NUCLEO

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