• May be I should have been a bit more precise: implement (essential part of) array protocol, because the following works:

    >var arr = new Array(70, 82, 65, 77, 64, 53, 49, 50);
    =[ 70, 82, 65, 77, 64, 53, 49, 50 ]

    and so does

    >String.fromCharCode.apply(null,[70, 82, 65, 77, 64, 53, 49, 50]);

    All browser's w/ name do too, because of MDN's String and Function definition (fromCharCode() and call()).
    The the statement is a valid statement -

    Regarding your suggestion: I tried to avoid in a loop the in and out of the JS engine AND the String concatenation.

    What about overall performance - Is string concatenation not the recipe for increased garbage collection activities? ...of course, 'it all depends', since many things in a system contribute combined to results for better or worse.

    Why I was looking for this is for my FRAMS module, where this construct comes in very handy for reading back as a String (see http://forum.espruino.com/conversations/­257994).


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