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  • This one's been quite a long time coming with the KickStarter I'm afraid, but here it is!

    New features:

    • CC3000 and WIZnet modules can now be instantiated on any pins (as long as they have hardware SPI)
    • Lots of fixes and tweaks
    • Added fs.stat() and methods
    • Added XON/XOFF flow control for serial (on by default, can be turned off with Serial.setup)
    • setTime should now work on the Espruino board, which should mean you can easily use 'Date' without needing the clock module.

    New Board:

    As part of the deal with ST on the Espruino Pico, I'm now putting binaries for the ST NUCLEO-F401 board on the Espruino site - thanks to Alain for getting it working! They're available for download right now.

    It is quite a nice board (with an Arduino footprint). It does lack proper USB support though - the serial comms via the ST-Link part will run at 9600 baud by default so will be a bit slow for programming it.

    As with the other non-Espruino boards, I'm not making anything on these boards - in fact I believe they may even be subsidised by ST. This means that I can't afford to spend time supporting you if you have problems... If you want support, buy an Espruino board - it's a little more expensive, but that money helps me keep working on Espruino :)

    Web IDE

    I also snuck in a new Web IDE version (which should be auto-updating in the next hour or so):

    • LED/BTN variables now work with the autocomplete feature
    • The editor now remembers what was last in it
    • Load and save remember the directory they were in (only while the app is running)
    • Slightly better inline Assembler
    • better handling of weird formatting at root scope
    • Added a 'minification cache' that should make it less likely that you hit the Closure Compiler's rate limit

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