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  • Thanks for all your work on this!

    Have you tried setWatch without the debounce? Does the value from getTime keep incrementing? It's possible there's actually a problem with the RTC and the time is stationary, which is why it's not calling the callback.

  • Yes, I posted only the last results:
    a- debounce doesn't change anything (0 or 100 or 200 ms). It all seems that the code is just never launched: I launched buttonWatcher() manually to check it works per itself but actually I never saw its messages when pressing the button. When set to 0 it is not displayed in the dump().
    b- as a consequence I can't say if getTime keeps incrementing in that function. I removed the e parameter in order to check manually because I don't know how to feed the event time outside of the setWatch. Meanwhile getTime() does run correctly from the prompt and keeps counting from the power on moment.


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