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  • Hi - I don't think it's going to be a problem with the flash writing, as this all works on the F401CC (in the Pico) and the F401VC (in the discovery board), which are going to be almost identical.

    I'll get a 401 nucleo on order - but for now, you could just set the RAM and Flash size down, and copy the code from­b/master/boards/ - that would at least get save working, although you'd just have a bit less memory available.

    As far as the libraries - I believe these are as up to date as you can get without changing to the STM32 Cube libraries - and doing that is going to require some very serious changes. I haven't encountered any bugs in the libraries for any of the supported chips, so rewriting a bunch of stuff to move to the new libraries is only likely to cause bugs rather than fix them!

    Hopefully I'll have something working on that board in the next few weeks - as it's almost the same chip as the Pico it shouldn't be too hard.


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